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»Also applies to musicians: A picture sometimes says more than 1000 words.«

Josef Windisch Competition

Josef Windisch, 98 years old, former Vienna City Councilor, music connoisseur and music lover, had already supported many years before, annually, needy and highly gifted children with scholarships. I was able to get him excited about a “Josef Windisch competition”. I hope that the pictures reflect the emotional experience for the young musicians and the audience. Windisch died in 2013 just a few month away from his 100th birthday.

World Expo Shanghai 2010

For more details see “Innovations and Foundings”: At the Beginning of “EMP in China” the chapter: The prehistory.

Promotionen and Sponsionen

There are usually 4-5 dates per year on which the ceremonial presentation of the diplomas takes place in the morning and afternoon.
As deputy to the rector this was also part of my duties.

Highest located hotel in the world Shanghai 2016

Since my return flight to Vienna started at 11 a.m., I had to go to Shanghai and stay overnight the day before. Hailun invited me to spend this night in the highest hotel in the world. It was already a special experience. Shanghai World Financial Center, 101 floors, 497 meters high, the hotel occupies the floors 80-93. My room was on the 92nd floor.

Music Fairs and “Measuring”

My exhibition booths through the ages. The photos were taken before the public had access. During the opening hours, you couldn’t see the booth in the crowds.


A central part of our work is the development of practicable digital measuring systems to assess the musical quality of musical instruments and to “measure” these instruments. The photos are taken at the IOIA Summer Session 2008 and from various measurements at the IWK.

Making the movie “The Sound of Vienna”

I was invited at a very early stage by the producer and director of this TV documentary, Alexander Schukoff and his wife Nadezhda, who was responsible for the conception, research and script, to consult and participate in the project. Large parts of the film were shot at our institute and so the circle was closed, because Alexander Schukoff is a graduate of the MDW Film Academy. The copyright of the photos is © 2016 Gerald Y Plattner,, who supervised the production photographically.

TV Gala Opening of the Beijing Opera Academy 2010

In 2010, I was invited by the Beijing University as a representative of Vienna to ceremonially open the “Academy of Opera” at Beijing University together with representatives of La Scala Milan, the Munich State Opera, the Mariinski Theater St. Petersburg and high-ranking representatives of the Chinese Politburo. This was a pompous 2-hour live TV show and I had the honor of being the only non-Chinese to participate in the act by symbolically putting my hands on a globe on stage.
As a reward there was a 3-day cultural program for all foreign guests.

From my time as vice rector

Presentation of the renowned Schumpeter Prize to Chen Hailun and Jing Haifen in the Vienna City Hall by the former federal chancellor of Austria Dr. Franz Vranitzky. I was asked to give the laudation (2016).

Pierre Boulez becomes honorary member of the MDW on my initiative.

Ricardo Muti receives the Gold Medal of Merit of the MDW on my initiative

Cooperation negotiations in Riga (Latvia) – lectures and partner visit in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Various compulsory appointments, award ceremonies, openings, receiving foreign delegations and background talks.


All about the EMP project for China

The beginnings of the project and roll out in Beijing 2016.
International Conference in Beijing and visit in Ningbo 2018.

Training sessions and parent-child groups 2016 at Kunming Music School.

With Eva Königer, Mario Smetana and Michaela Ulm-Aram.

Training Sessions and Parent-Child Groups with Majda Svitek and others at Ningbo Music School 2019

Ningbo and surrounding area

Chiang Kai Shek, opponent of Mao TseTung and after his escape founder of today’s Taiwan, was born in Fenghua about 50 km from Ningbo. During his warlord days he lived in a residence hidden in the Xikou Xuedou mountains near Ningbo.

Putuo Shan is a beautiful vacation and pilgrimage island in the East China Sea. However, with an air humidity of almost 100% and temperatures above 40°C, even the locals had their shirts stuck to their bodies – mine anyway.

Beijing’s parks and gardens

In the center of Beijing there are numerous huge, beautiful parks. For the population of Beijing the entrance is free, Tourists, whether Chinese or foreigners, pay a moderate entrance fee. The photos are from different parks (2010-2016).

Hiroshima University thanks.

For the spontaneous help of the Vienna Music Academy in rebuilding Hiroshima, among other things with 1,500 trees for the university campus, Hiroshima University expressed its gratitude by handing over a restored original koto with valuable ivory inlays, which was found only slightly damaged in a riverbed in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped.

Will be continued…

with pictures from various concert tours to Japan, Hongkong, Bangkok and Singapore